June 30, 2011

Another (last minute) baby gift - Mr Stripey the dinosaur

Just before I went to mum's last week, Terry announced that we have been invited to a 2 year old birthday party this coming Sunday. Normally for friends and family's children, I knew in advance (I have an extensive ever growing list of children's birthdays) and would plan for a suitable gift for the individual child, whether it is shop bought or handmade. However this time, I haven't even met the little boy and at such last minute, I decided to make a quick little sock softie. Another little boy, what could I make for a little boy?? Anyway rummaging through my stash of socks, I found a pair with black & white stripes... a zebra? a horse? a monster?? I started sketching and came up with a dinosaur - BINGO!

Sally was watching over her queendom during the photoshoot of Mr Stripey 
He has turned out ok, although I should have put some weights on this body so he could sit up by himself... : ( pooh!

I hope the birthday boy doesn't mind that his dinosaur doesn't sit up properly!

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