June 30, 2011

Mum's impatience cowl - finished!

Goodness! has it been that long since I last blogged? Where has the time gone?? Anyway, I have done a few things since...

First up, I finished the impatience cowl for my mum. I must have been the world slowest knitter as I started this on 9 June!  My mum had a cataract operation last week so I flew up to Brisbane for a few days to be with her. I wished I could stay longer or living closer... I took up a couple of knitting projects with me as I knew there were going to a lot of waiting around. Anyway the op went well and she is now in recovery mode. So Mum wasn't in any state to model her cowl so I had to although the quality of the pics aren't great cause I only had the iphone with me.

I am happy with the final product and as I made this bigger, I have discovered that there are a few ways she can wear this. One is just long way, second is wrap it around twice and lastly just drape it over her shoulders. It's extremely soft and warm so I don't think she will get to wear this often in Brisbane but certainly a nice accessory for when she comes to Sydney. It is also light weight enough to keep in her bag for when she is in air-conditioned places!


  1. Really nice Amanda, hope you mum is going well.

  2. Thanks Gemma! Mum is recovering well slowly but getting there...