May 26, 2011

What's on my needles at the moment?

I have two projects on my knitting needles at the moment...

Big Herringbone Cowl

I started with a pair of 12mm Knitpicks interchangeable Harmony wood circular needles but I found them to be too heavy and hard on my wrist so I exchanged the needles with a pair of 10mm Knitpicks interchangeable Nickel Plated circular needles and they feel pretty good so far. The ladies at Morris and Sons in Sydney were very helpful and allowed me to exchange the needles : )

The first round was a killer I must say and it took me 3 go’s to be happy with all the stitches and continued on with second row...

Cabled baby hat - pattern by Heather Tucker

I have decided to use the magic loop method with a pair of 4.5mm, 80cm Sullivans bamboo circular needles. The pattern said 100cm but I found them to be too long when I first cast on. So far so good and I love learning the new Twist technique (T3F and T3B). The pattern has very clear step by step instructions and I have also watched Cotton & Cloud's videos for the cool twisty stitches!

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