May 26, 2011

Little pink vintage bonnet hat and tear-drop booties

With the arrival of another baby in our extended family, I quickly worked up a hat and a pair of booties modified based on this pattern. I hope they fit our newest niece, Saraya who was born on 7 May.

I used 5mm hook for the booties so that they are bigger than the pattern called for.  
Also I decided to leave the strap as I was making the first slipper as I thought the tear drop opening looks so cute. Then I added on a little green and white flower. When I got to the second slipper, silly me, then realised that I would have to work out how to make the tear drop opening in mirror image to the first slipper... After some trials and errors, I worked it out, as symmetrical as I could. I think I have to make another pair and write down what I do!

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