April 25, 2011

When husband helped winding a ball of yarn....

A couple of weeks ago my darling husband agreed to help me wind up a ball of yarn from a skein. He sat patiently with his hands up holding the 455metre skein of yarn and little did he know he how long it was going to take. When his hands got tired, I transferred the skein to the coffee table and kept winding... well I didn't get too far before everything was all tangled up! oops. Eventually, two nights later, I untangled and got a nice ball of yarn ready for knitting... 

Whilst the result is a fairy tale, my husband was traumatised! So yesterday, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I told him that I had to wind up another ball from another skein of yarn, he had a horrified look on his face... heeheehee

He shook his head and went out to the garage... two minutes later he came in with a cardboard which he improvised as a ball winder for me! He said that's the best he could come up with in such short notice : ) made me smile!

From one of these:

To this...

He thought of all the details, there are slots on the side so the skein won't fall down too far  and there is another slot to hold on to the tail...

To finally this:

In less than 10 minutes!



  1. Wow...that is awesome! What a great way to say I love you! :) Lisa a.k.a. Fibernymph

  2. Hi Lisa, yeah he is good. : ) thanks for dropping by my blog as well!