February 13, 2011

Sun hat - finished!!

Yay! I also finished the sun hat this weekend!

Slight modifications from the pattern (210-37 Celebrity Sunhat) by Pierrot Yarns:

1. Instead of the ribbon, I did a really long length of single crochets, like a string and treaded through the hat (every second stitches in the 28th row from the top). I pulled the "string" a little to pucker the hat like pleats, a different affect to the original pattern.
2. I didn't worry about inserting a cord to the last few rows for a stiffer brim
3. I used contrasting colours, not because of a sudden creative burst of idea rather I ran out of yarn... I was horrified to find that I just used the last ball of the Cleckheaton Natural Cotton 8 ply! I bought so much (ok so it was a long ago), I didn't bother making sure that I had enough for this project... I was thinking maybe to buy some more but found out that Cleckheaton has discontinued this yarn. Then I couldn't find any to match on ebay or other places, I thought well a contrasting colour for the brim might have to do. Then my friend Thuy also suggested the same thing so I didn't feel so silly then. So I rummaged through my stash and found this Japanese yarn (Olympus Sweater Boy Soft Tweed) in charcoal colour. I thought the colours mixed well.

I am quite happy with the result and I am definitely going to wear it at our next outdoor event. 

So... what's next on the list for my train project??? I will be consulting that to-do/ wish list!


  1. Cute hat Amanda! You can wear it when we go walking :)

  2. Thanks Marjon! Though I might be too relax with this hat and wanting to have a panic on the grass instead!