January 29, 2011

Sun hat

Oh yeah, I have also started making a sun hat using this pattern I got off Raverly.

This is my train project cause I am resisting to buy a book which would only take me a week to finish... diversifying of my hobbies...

This photo makes me giggle, like I have a "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie" hat on my head! 
Anyway the hat started off really quick but when I got to the forth row of the brim I feel that I am losing momentum. It is getting to 150 stitches per round and I am getting slower and slower.... and to top that off, the increases are at different spots each row... a bit hard to keep count with songs on my ipod! I think it might be time to switch music so I can concentrate!

I am really wanting to finish this soon so I can use it for this summer...

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