January 15, 2011

So blessed...

I feel so blessed that every single one of our family members in QLD and Northern NSW are safe, spreading from the Sunshine Coast down to Grafton. None of them have major property damage and more importantly they are all alive.... I am so blessed...

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and their homes....  as news came in from each of our relatives that they are alright, I couldn't help feeling more anxious for those complete strangers who are missing and heartbreak for those who have lost all that they had.

I feel so blessed that I live amongst such resilience people, pulling their efforts together to help one another. It is going to a long road to repair and rebuild but comforts in seeing the enormous efforts from so many people so far further indicate what amazing people Australians are.

To date, I have only been able to participate in cash donation but looking into other ways to help.. I feel so blessed that I work for a company generous enough to match their employees donations dollar for dollar.

This is the site to donate directly to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal and there are a few crafty blogland fundraising like QLD Flood Appeal Auctions and Bristyle's Handmade Heart beats for QLD Flood affected communities



  1. It's really heartbreaking to see the images of the flood on TV. Images of people stranded on rooftops with water up to their roofs will just stay with me forever.
    I've donated through work but still feel very helpless.
    Good on you for auctioning your toys.
    I'm looking to donate more on Dave's behalf so I will bid on some of your goodies.

  2. Thanks Yen! I know what you mean. I have felt the same the feeling of needing to do more...