October 3, 2010

My "i-pouch"

It has been just over a week since I got the new iphone4. I have managed not to drop it but it copped a lot of scratches from all the sloshing around in my handbag. Fortunately I stuck a layer of screen protector in the front and back straight away. I knew it would be a matter of time before something "cracking" happens to it... So I have since got a case that is not so bulky, black hard plastic slim shape with the Apple label on the back - as normal a case as I could find them. It still leaves the face of the phone exposed.... hmmm, got to a make a pouch! I knew just the fabric for this... I have been wanting to use this mushrooms fabric since I got it many months ago - perfect!

I planned to just machine stitch the sides at the final stage but turned out it is too thick and I like my machine too much to step on the pedal harder so I just hand sewn the blanket stitches on, turned out ok I think.

The big clip came from an old ipac case I had from eons ago and I thought it would be perfect for hooking the pouch in place inside my handbag for easy access.

I can think of a few changes to improve this pattern but it is my first attempt at drawing it up, experimented with the measurements, fabrics, interfacing etc. I would definitely like to make a couple more in the coming months to do more testing.

Until next time...


  1. Can you sell me one if and when I get an iphone? :)

  2. Thanks Rachelle! Happy New Year to you too! When you get your iphone, just let me know, I will just make you one - no need to pay me silly.