October 31, 2010

Is this normal?

I mean how many projects should one have on the go at the same time? This is foreign to me as I have always been one of those "one thing at a time" people when it comes to hobbies. Why rush or juggle, right, it's a hobby? Like most people, my day job is demanding and I love it for that so being multi-tasking is just part of it, I never gave it more thoughts then just got on with it. But my hobby as well? The very thing that is meant to be calming and relaxing.

Last weekend I went up to the Sunshine Coast visiting a friend who launched her artwork and spent the remaining time with my family. Then I came home and we had a really busy week at work. I thought I would be glad to have the weekend to myself to catch up on my craft... Instead I procrastinated - after I saw the state of my room. After the usual weekend routine (I love routine) of housework & grocery shopping, I walked into my room and saw how messy it was, I backed out and went to sit in the lounge, where a small tray of portable projects await...

I finally "got on with it" today - I knew I couldn't let the weekend go without tidying my room... So here is what I found I have on the go at the moment...

Last night, I started the two socks in one circular needle from Melissa Morgan-Oakes' new book "Toe-up 2-at-a time socks" - I am very happy with the progress so far - yay!

Stashed on the edge of my desk is this print-out, I was doing more experimenting and toying with the idea of making a nice label... 5 months ago!! still just on paper...

I have been trying to turn a design I had in my head of a wallet since, I dunno, 12 months ago... this is where I got to as at 2 weeks ago... They weren't scattered like that, phew, or I would really be hyperventilating!

Then I downloaded this gorgeous bag by Amy Butler's Style Stitches - look at how beautiful it is!! Naturally I want to have a go at making it... that's 3 weeks ago I think... not gotten anywhere - yet

My train project socks - sock "2" thank goodness! I did finish reading a novel in the meantime - got to spread out the hobbies right? Diversification - good for the brain! That's what I am going to say about that.

The next amigurumi to add to the Lunar zodiac animals family. Do you think I could sketch up something good that resembles a dragon?? apparently not quickly...

Collectively, it doesn't look too bad. I have read other more experienced, better skilled crafters have more projects on the go I know... but I am not experienced and certainly not better skilled!

So, I think I have discovered what freaked me out... after a nice chat with a close girlfriend this afternoon, I realised (though I didn't tell her) that I feel unsettled because I haven't done the Christmas shopping - not even started - grrrrrrrrrrr - this year I have 12 children to get presents for, ranging from 6 months to 13 years old, that's immediate family... and a couple of others I would like to get something for... So it's not so much as me having too many crafty projects on, it is more of the fact that I haven't done what I am supposed to do first in order to relax.

Rather than sitting here and procrastinate some more by surfing the net, I should stop here and get on with deciding on what to get for the littlies so I can just march out next weekend and complete the job!

Until next time...

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  1. Don't you love when its the underlying issue the whole time but we think its all these other things. I can totally relate to this Amanda!