August 28, 2010


I have been excited about this new amigurumi for a whole week now. I did a sketch of a monkey a couple of months ago but only just got to start on him last weekend. As soon as I finished the head, I had other ideas or rather images from childhood stories flooded back. So off I went to re-sketch... As inspired by the mythical character "Monkey King" or "Sun WuKong 孫悟空" from the ancient story Journey to the West!

Once I have decided on the details such as colours, his jacket, his belt etc), the actual crocheting took no time... except for the cloud (all that increases and decreases) and the crown but I thought they have turned out ok. Although Hubby thought the cloud looks more like a poo - no imagination I say... Anyway, he made the steel staff for me just to add some realistic effect but I have also made a crochet version.

I have been trying to think of a name for him but came up with nothing so far... I kept thinking that any other names might disrespect the legendary story we have known for so long.

What's next? back to the drawing book... there are still 8 animals on my list to make!

Until next time...

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