June 5, 2010

Gone mad...about crochet flowers

Well this week, I have gone a little mad about crochet flowers and the result is this:

and this:
then these:

It all started last Sunday afternoon when I had finished one project (Woof Woof) and didn't want to start anything big cause the weekend was coming to a close. I looked at the Hello Kitty I made and thought I'd try another flower pattern, and another, and another....

So much fun - I think I will keep going. These flowers are easy to make and they are quick! Also I have found that I get to use different stitches which let me practice my crocheting skills. On the top of that there are few projects in the back of my mind bubbling away as I am still trying to work them out, making these flowers relaxes me. I want to have a go at making other hair accessories too - especially since the hot glue gun was nice to me today.

It did cross my mind that I don't have a little girl (the human kind) at home to make these things for but I have a few friends who do plus we have little nieces I can send these things to so all is not a waste!

Until next time, take care and blog soon!

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