March 18, 2010

One for the road

I commute to work each day on the train and it is a 40 minute ride each way so I normally read and do puzzles but with winter fast approaching, I thought a knitting project would be ideal for the long train ride. I am making my friend a scarf. Her birthday is in May and I knew she wanted a knitted scarf last year but I wasn't quick enough (procrastinated for too long) and ran out of time so I am starting early this year!

One of the reasons that I didn't make it last year is that I am not a big fan of making scarves as I get bored with doing the same stitches for rows and rows (until 180cm in length!) so this year I decided that I would learn to knit cable stitches. I have always loved cable stitches, they just look homey but they always look too hard. But I thought that's a good thing to keep me concentrating since the rows aren't the same over and over again. So on Sunday, I watched a youtube video, studied the Lionbrand pictures and picked up the needles.

I chose a Lionbrand free pattern called Harbor Scarf and the photos show what I have so far. They were taken by the talented Selene (thanks heaps Selene!).

So far so good especially after I worked out the tension required... getting there..

Until next time, take care and blog soon!

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