December 20, 2009

Owlie night

After a fun filled weekend with a 2.5 year old (more of that later), I finally had two hours of me time this afternoon and managed to get crafty. I made two owls from Craftschmaft's Owl mobile pattern and well, I thought they turned out alright! Until I make two more to complete the mobile, these two are gracing our Christmas tree this year.

Now, back to that fun filled weekend I mentioned.... We went to Featherdale Wildlife Park yesterday where the 2.5 year old chased baby emus and wallabies - luckily the animals were extremely children friendly! I haven't been to a "zoo" in years so I had a great time too! Afterwards, while the little one snoozed, Mum and I had a peaceful lunch together. After lunch, we decided we were brave enough to tackle the shops (and it was only groceries I had to do!).

The weather looked rather miserable this morning so I thought the Wiggles Centre would be a good place to burn off the little one's energy. Now, not having any children myself, I never had any reasons to visit places like the Wiggles Centre and always had this fear to be amongst lots of children. I must say, I lived through it... Actually I was quite impressed with the setup there and the staff were all very nice. I can see how children can stay in there for hours and hours. Yep, our little critic enjoyed his playtime too. I watched as all the children communicated with each other when most of them couldn't string sentences. As much fun as I had watching delightful screaming children, all very well behaved mind you, I was very aware of how much time we were there for (my mum made a comment about how she couldn't believe 2 hours had passed already... hmmm, I could).

So, this weekend, I learned that children love animals no matter what they look/ feel like; that animals tolerated children no matter how hard they patted them; that kids under 4 have their own language; that I admired parents of their patience and concentration span when it comes to their children.... I had a lovely weekend and I even got to make two owls...

Until next time, take care and blog soon!!

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  1. The owls are very cute. They look great on the christmas tree too.

    Sounds like my typical weekends with the kids, except I have double the trouble. :)