December 5, 2009

Finders Keepers market - Sydney

Just came home from Finders Keepers market at Eveleigh. I had a great time browsing and even managed to pick up some Chrissie presents for 3 of our nieces (so I'd better not post the pictures of my purchases here yet). There were quite a lot of people and their dogs - wished I had mine with me... maybe next time though I would have to drive as I don't think you are allowed a bring a dog on public transport. I also loved the fresh food market and sampled some yummy stuff. I fell in love with a dip called Green Tahini by Yalla ( so I bought a little tub and have been gorging myself since I came home an hour ago.

Anyway, these are my favourite stores from the market today:

and of course - Claire was very busy with customers which is fantastic so I didn't interrupt to say hello.

Until next time... take care and blog soon...

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