March 30, 2014

What's on the hook and needles

Today I decided to do an inventory of what WIP I have on the hook and needles, yes, not include the other non yarny projects... I try not to get overwhelmed by projects cause I love the process.

1. The Haruni shawl - what I call the long term project... I started this in October 2012! Hopefully it will be done for mother's day this year... fingers crossed!

2. Just started last week is this baby pullover Binic. I have a whole list of babies due before July this year amongst our group of friends. Whilst I don't have any particular baby in mind, I figured this will come in handy!

3. A little something for myself. I came across this beanie pattern called Minno Hat a little over a week ago and my brain was screaming "knit, knit, knit, knit!!!!!"... before I knew it, I purchased the pattern on Ravelry! The next day, Bendigo Woollen Mills shade cards appeared in our letter box... I saw that as a sign! So like some unknown forces, I found myself stroking the Luxury yarn, mentally imagining how different colours would go together. Next I knew I ordered 6 balls of different colours!  When they arrived last week, I quickly calculated how much I needed in each colour and here they are, ready to for cast on :)

4. Experimenting with shapes and self striping sock yarns for my next amigurumi design.

I am a relatively quicker crocheter now and I keep hoping that the more I knit, the quicker I get.

Have a great stitchy crafty week!

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