March 9, 2014

Meet Sunshine and Lollipops

I just realised that this is my 300th post and for this special event, I would like to introduce Sunshine and Lollipops Amigurumi Bear Bears. They even have their own Rainbows, rainbow coloured flowers they are.

These guys are going to a pair of new born twins tomorrow and I am so excited for them to meet their new family. After all, we are talking about besties for besties!

Let's meet Sunshine

Always happy and a little mischievous, Sunshine here loves her rainbow flowers who her bestie Lollipops has a matching one. That's what best friends do right?

Lollipops is a slightly more responsible one of the pair. Although just marginally! When they get in that playful mood, they are unstoppable! Especially when there is music involved...

Extremely cuddly and stands roughly 21cm tall, they are just the perfect size for a little one to snuggle up to. Made entirely from 100% cotton with 100% wool felt eyes and nose pieces, they are machine washable in their own wash bag... cause fun with tiny humans can be messy sometimes!

I hope that with Sunshine, Lollipops and their Rainbow flowers, their tiny humans have everything that's wonderful at their finger tips!

On a side note, I will post the pattern for the flower by next weekend.

Stitch with love... 

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