January 25, 2014

Zpagetti basket - Got to love a quick project!

While I was tidying up my yarn stash last weekend, I found some leftover Zpagetti yarn from this project and this project.

I figured there would enough for another little basket like these ones so off I went!

This is what I did:

1. Magic circle cast on 6 single crochets (6X)
2. 6V= 12X
3. (XV) 6 times = 18X
4. (2XV) 6 times = 24X
5. (3XV) 6 times = 30X
6. (4XV) 6 times = 36X
7. (5XV) 6 times = 42X
Mark the beginning of the round, continue crochet for 5 rounds or as tall as you want then bind off.

Stitch explanations:
X = Single crochet
V = Increase (make 2 single crochets in one single crochet)

For the handles, I did two pieces of 10 chains for each from a length of the grey Zpagetti yarns left from this project. I knew there was a reason why I kept every tiny bits of leftovers!

It measures 20cm wide across the base and 7cm deep, it's a great size to store all sorts of tiny items. It is sturdy and looks pretty darn cute too.

Happy stitching!

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