October 13, 2013

My work space

We are fortunate enough a dedicated bedroom as a home office which is also my craft/ sewing room. It's a decent size room with a big desk, filing cabinets, book shelves and sewing table. All all that space, I still manage to crowd it with all the fabrics and yarn but of course all other office stuff like printer, modem, paperwork, filing trays etc etc. Every now and then I go through a cleaning/ clearing frenzy and I just realised that the last time was over a year ago!

This morning I had another one of those urge to tidy up so I spent a couple of hours doing just that... Since the market in March, I found myself doing more and more of the non machine sewing crafts in the living room, spreading out on the lounge... So rather than a crazy invasion, set up a little mobile work station a couple of months ago using a large serving tray which I found stashed at the back of a cupboard in the kitchen. I gave it a good tidy up today too and I thought I would take some photos cause it will be messed up again before I know it!

So it carries all the essentials! Notebooks, reference books I am reading, embroidery threads, one of the current projects, felt pieces, safety eyes, pens, pencils, crochet hooks, knitting needles, scissors, my sewn-on labels and lots of other bits and pieces

I keep frequently used convertible circular needles in these clear plastic containers so I can see them easily.

It's always handy to keep the little bobbins of different colours sewing threads and knitting stitch markers. The other compartment houses felt pieces I cut out for eyes and noses.

Since I started to do the amigurumi workshop, I decided to put a number of various sized crochet hooks, stitch markers, pair of little scissors and pens in a little clear plastic case for portability.

Now that the work station is tidy, I can get on with more crafting!!

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