September 4, 2013

This is how you do it!

Today's post is proudly brought to you by Sally the Jack Russell x Foxy terrier...

How to eat a doggy treat that shaped like an delicious icecream.

Step 1: understand your challenge by gripping it firmly with both paws. Lick while strategising...

Step 2: flip it over and chomp down from the non sticky end. Yep don't be shy, just chomp it!

Step 3: just keep chomping until it's all gone. Should only take 30 seconds! YA!

Oh don't forget to hoover up all the crumbs, especially if you want your human to give you another one next time!

Then fall asleep sitting up next to your human... zzzz

That's all! Have a great day stitchy humans!


  1. This post is too funny :) I like how you gave captions for each action lol! And your dog is so cute!

    1. Thanks Pilar, she is a funny dog! I have always imagined how she would sound and her mannerism if she could talk...