September 15, 2013

I socking love the walking foot!

Ah walking foot, how I love you! After I hand sewn a number of sock softies for the Dreamers Market in March, I swore I would invest in a walking foot so that I could control the stretching sock materials and those slippery minky fabrics.

Well true to my word, I did buy one not long afterwards (a tiny investment) but it took me a little while to take it out of the packaging. Frankly I was totally intimidated by the odd looking chunky attachment... After staring at my trusty Janome My Excel 23L for what seemed like forever (probably only 15 minutes), wondering what went where, I realised that it wasn't just an unclick and click part... So I rummaged through the storage compartment and found the little screwdriver that came with the machine. Unscrewed the existing normal foot and voila, things are beginning to fit...

A little happy dance... then I thought... well, what the heck, the only way to find out is just try.. so let's sew!

I tried with a little scrap piece first and it went well. Nothing got stuck or caught - eggcellent! So I picked up a piece, then the next piece, then the next...

... before I knew it and in UNDER 45 minutes, I sewn up enough pieces to make 6 sock softies! Last time when I sewn these by hand, one took me an hour!

This is exciting cause I will be able to make them quicker!! Did I say they are addictive?

Well it's a pity that the weekend is coming to a close and I won't be sitting in front of the sewing machine until next weekend at the earliest but at least I have them at a stage where I can do the rest on the lounge in the evening sometime during the week... NICE!

Stitch with Love...


  1. Nice post! I can sew by hand, but I never learned how to use a sewing machine lol. I hope to learn to use one in the future lol. Btw, I tagged you for the versatile blog award. Check out my blog for details.

    1. Thanks Pilar! I will check out your blog. It's actually really simple to sew with a sewing machine, you should definitely try it. Hand sewing has its place and I need to get better at it so that my stitches are neat