June 28, 2013

Look! I jumbo-sized the Monkey!

A couple of months ago I posted some photos of my amigurumi zodiac family on my Facebook page. The responses were overwhelming, so many kind comments, so much so that I had a request for a custom order Monkey (as inspired by Journey to the West story).

I thought "okay, I wanted to test the pattern again so this would be a great opportunity..." then I was kindly enquired if I could make him bigger... oookay... how big are we talking about? Brace for it - A giant jumbo size Monkey pretty please?? Roughly the same size as a standard pillow??

I thought, hmm this would be an interesting project cause I had never resized a pattern before and why not give it a try. BE INTREPID! as Liat Gat of KnitFreedom.com has said recently.

So to put things in perspective, the original Monkey is tiny, he stands just a hair over 12cm so I had to work out the jumbo sized shaping.

The result is pleasing! He stands 44cm tall with a cute pot belly... not quite as big as a full size pillow (3 quarters) but when I sit him up on my lap, he comes to just over my shoulder - so still very huggable!

I know! I went a bit trigger-happy with the camera and it's been difficult to just pick a few to show on the blog. After all there were 48 photos in total from start to finish... but I wanted to make sure that I captured them two together... you know, I won't see him again in the near future as he is going to be with his new family, who lives in another country, more than 8 hours away... by plane! did I say he was going far away?

Well with that, I say "Safe journey, Monkey! you will love the East!"

Stitch with love!


  1. This jumbo-sized monkey is so cool! I love it. You did a fantastic job. Great photos too!

    1. Thanks Yenie :) cause I remember a couple of tricks you taught me about taking photos!

  2. Well done on the resizing Manda!! Monkey is cute big and small.
    Great pic of the 2 monkeys in different sizes, gives us an
    idea on the size. Happy plane trip monkey.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Thanks Anita! I really enjoyed making him hey. x