June 30, 2013

A light bulb moment - my own screen printed simple satchel

I had light bulb moment this morning as I ferreted through all the drawers in my craft room looking for some tissue paper to wrap a custom ordered softie.

Remember those placemat sized calico pieces I printed on at the screen printing workshop I did in April this year? Yep. DING DING DING DING!!

Wouldn't it be nice to present a handmade softie in a handmade bag? I picked one of the bigger pieces and whipped up a simple tote/ satchel bag. I would have liked to put in some drawstrings but I don't have any at home (or they are buried in the mess that's my sewing cabinet, it's hard to tell). 

I also purposely left the selvage and raw edges in the side seam to give it that old time charm.

I did want a closure of some sort so I used a craft knife to gently cut 4 little slits at the top of the bag so I could weave a small ribbon through. 

The result is charming which I think is fitting for the occasion. This custom softie holds great sentimental value to my customer so I want to wait until he reaches his owner before showing more proper pictures of him.

Next time I have another one of these bags, I will take more photos! Until then I have another project to sink my little mitts in...

Stitch with Love!

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