October 2, 2012

Simmy the Piggy cushion

This October Labour Day long weekend saw me through a softie from sketch to cuddly!  


Simmy is for a boy baby (one of many arrived recently amongst my group of friends) so I wanted a some cute boy colours. I also wanted him to be cuddly and soft so I chose this fabric with little fish on a dark blue background for the front and a soft shimy minky for the back. Have I already mentioned how I love the texture of these dotty minkies?

I had also envisaged this softie to also be used as a pillow or a cushion so he is not stuffed to the max as I normally do.

For Simmy's tail, I borrowed a technique I learned from making one of Abby Glassenberg's patterns.


Or springy?

I think Simmy has turned out pretty good, close to how I had imagined him to be. I do want to make his ears larger and the head more fuller next time. Perhaps a notch at the top of the head will help...

Back soon...

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