August 11, 2012

Lambus busted :(

Doh! I have come to terms with the fact I can't get this fleecy material to work for Lambus... It's too thick and too slippery. It keeps sliding away from the needle... maybe if I handstitched, I might have more control but the stitching wouldn't be very neat.

I still believe in the general idea of this pattern and I just have to try again with different materials. Maybe I shouldn't have been so ambitious and tried with what I know first...

GRRR... the other body parts seem to be holding up ok but the layers just got too thick around the legs and I can see how horrid it'd be to stitch the head on... never mind... you live, you learn!

And there is fluff everywhere! There is a trail of fluff coming off this material wherever I have go!


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