April 21, 2012

Spotty Panda


Over the Easter break I made another softie for another impending baby. I haven't decided which baby will get Spotty yet but at this stage 3 of our friends' babies are due between May and August so I just wanted to have something ready for each.

I had sketched this panda up a few years ago and this is an improved version of the original drawing. I then enlarged my drawing by photocopying it to approximately 150%, I had to do that over a few pieces of A4 size paper. Once I was happy with the size, I folded  my drawing in half length wise so it is symmetrical.

I had forgotten to take more pictures of the pattern making process. I am learning and getting better at this but I really need to learn how to apply gussets so that the softies are shaped better. I have since discovered While She Naps and her design process series of blog posts. Her work is really inspiring to me.

This Spotty Panda is approximately 43cm long from top of the head to the bottom of the feet, almost the size of a full term new born baby. So I hope he can give some good cuddles as well as serve as a good pillow.

Since I haven't confirmed the sex of each of these upcoming babies, I stuck with neutral colours. It's more difficult than I thought but I think I have managed it this time. I used just less than roughly 75% of a fat quarter fabric for each of the front and back. Eyes and nose are felt pieces and I stitched on some felt pads for the ears to give them extra texture.


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