October 30, 2011

Softies for Mirabel 2011

This week Pip over at Meet me at Mikes posted an update on this year's Softies for Mirabel. I was too slow to participate last year so I am determine to join in this year.

So this weekend, I made up a couple of softies from an improved basic sketch I did a couple of years ago. As I reviewed this sketch I drew, I realised how raw it was and more importantly how much I have learned since.

I am so proud of and excited about the progress I have made with my crafts. Looking at the first bear bear I made back then, I am so glad that I have continued to craft. Even better that I am able to make these for a good cause. I would like to make another softie either a knit or a crochet and another one with socks. I will see how I go with time.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to introduce Miss Pinky and Mr Forester... They will show up the Softies for Mirabel Flickr page soon!

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