September 27, 2011


As I didn't end up going to Japan earlier this year, before I knew it, I have accumulated quite a bit of annual leaves. It's a good problem I guess... so earlier last week I put in a few days off over the weekend just gone.

I did have grand plans for the unscheduled 5 days break, apart from sleeping in and lazying around... also last Thursday 22 September was our 19 years (dating) anniversary. Yes, we were just finishing school then, back when we were still using films for photos... he didn't take any time off work as he has loads on but we had a really nice meal at a Japanese restaurant that night and he has had dinner cooked for him these last few nights (a novelty for him I have to say).

So today is the last day of my 5 days stay-cation and I can't help feeling a bit disappointed... Out of the long list of things, I picked 6 I wanted to achieve, ok, maybe a bit too ambitious but I try to aim high, I completed two (and a half) things and made a start on the others... Not my definition of being productive...

The 6 things are:
1. sketch up the plan for the new wardrobe I have been promised
2. sketch up the plan for the new laundry I have been promised
3. Sew two things
4. Visit Hobbysew
5. Tidy up the linen cupboard
6. Clean the house

I measured up the wardrobe - that's a start, right?

Instead of sketching up something for the laundry room, I pinterested... well, I counted that as research, so that a start, right? I added a button my blog to link to my pinterest boards too, that took some time seriously, it did...

After meandered in my craft room for half a day, unfolded and folded all the fabric I have in the stash and rearranged them (is there a word for that? ah yes "inventory"), I finally picked out the fabric and all the bits and bobs for the first sewing project - the Key keeper coin purse by Amy Butler, from the Amy Butler's Style Stitches book.

Yep, it's made - a BIG TICK!! I will do a separate post on this shortly...

The second sewing project I had wanted to make was Napkitten's 27 pockets wallet. I have been trying to work out my own wallet design for so long but I got stuck on the pockets so when I found Napkitten's patterns at her etsy shop, I didn't hesitate. Anyway I didn't make any progress on this other than picking up the materials... which leads to Hobbysew...

I spent over an hour just browsing in the store - ah bliss! I asked about quilting classes and the cost of getting a quilt professionally quilted and general chit chat with the lovely lady there. I really should visit that shop more often, esp now that I know there is an alternative way to get out on to the main road!

I did move on to another sewing project though and that's Amy Butler's Blossom bag. I loooove this bag but I have somewhat been a little intimidated by it.

I thought what the heck, let's do it. So I cut up all the fabrics, the interfacing, the stabilizer, ironed them up etc, an entire day has passed (there are 33 pieces in total!) and so has a chunk of my extra long weekend : ( at least majority of the prep work is done, right?
Phew... what else??

Ah yes the linen cupboard - total mess! That will have to be the next stay-cation's task ! 
Freshly painted spare room with new carpet and I was using the bed to lay and sort out the neatly folded sheets and doona covers... good intention... these are all going to get stuffed back into the cupboard as we have visitors this coming weekend... SIGH

Finally and I am pleased to end this post with a completed task... I did clean the house. Not the professional, scrubbed kind of way but cleaned and tidied all the same : )


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