April 2, 2011

My darling husband...

My darling husband has a lot going on at the moment, I mean loads. Apart from his own business, he is building a bike (deadline this weekend for a race meet in Sydney), restoring a ute (so he has a proper work vehicle) and home renovation (to please his full of ideas but not so handy & a bit impatient wife). In the midst of all of his chaotic busyness, he still took time out to pick up some craft supplies from a shop at Castle Hill for me.  Not that my life depended on it or anything...

I have been looking for some proper "beanie babies" beans (official name I believe is poly pellets) for a while now and finally I found some online from a shop in Sydney but I was too cheap to pay for the postage which is dearer than the bag of pellets.  So I asked the nice lady from the store and she said we could drop in there to pick it up... Well that's great but they only open during the week which meant I couldn't do that myself since I only go to work during the week and that's miles away from the store. Anyway my darling husband saw me frowning and said he could take a detour and drop in at the shop one day this week. So I printed out the direction and the exact product code on Sunday night thinking he would just drop in whenever. I came home from work on Monday night to find the 1kg bag of poly pellets sitting on the kitchen bench! Hippee!! I was so excited! Yeah, who would have thought a bag of plastic beans would make me so happy?

Thank you darling husband!

A kilogram of poly pellets is actually a lot but this just means I can now add more structure to any amigurumi I am going to make! In fact, I was waiting for these to finish an amineko (cat) for a babyshower gift (next post).

: ) brilliant!

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