March 27, 2011

Sock softies marathon this weekend


For the Small Joys of Japan toy collection, I am donating these handmade sock softies. As hubby went away for work for the weekend, I thought I would make a softie or two... I promptly invaded the coffee table area...
First one done! I think he looks a little like a ninja... these sock softies are inspired by the Stray Socks Sewing book. 
Taa Daa! Finished them just before earth hour, hence the candles in the background... and messy table
I wish I could do animation because I imagined these creatures dancing in a circle...
Then stepping in single file move... 
Going off the stage... 
Close up!
Close up!  
Take a bow - Thank you, thank you very much!
Initially I was going to give away two softies I had made a long time ago and maybe make one new one. On closer inspection, the two softies I had in mind wouldn't be that suitable for children, I don't think. They had small plastic beans as eyes so they are not safety eyes and they were my earlier softies so the stitches weren't very nice and neat. Anyway I thought sock softies would work up quickly, I would make a couple and see how I go.

Before I knew it, I had three made up and the tips of my fingers were starting to numb as I hand stitched all of these. I didn't mind though cause I like practising my needle work and they have turned out pretty good.

So I will mail them off to Calico & Ivy at Balmain tomorrow : ) I don't think I can get there until next weekend and I can't wait to drop them off!

I am so honoured to be able to help out just a little bit!



  1. Amanda, these are brilliant!! How cute and quirky are they?? You are one clever lady. Thank you SO much for being part of this.

  2. Thanks Lexi! That's very sweet of you!