September 26, 2010

Beautiful spring day in Sydney

We decided to take the dog to the beach this weekend but didn't really worry about the weather or which day... so when we woke up this morning and looked outside, we knew it would be a great day. A beautiful spring day in Sydney, really couldn't ask for more.

On the way to the beach at Rowland Reserve Bayview:
 During our time there...

Incidentally, it is also the Dog Day by the Bay, apparently an annual event! how's that for timing - we had so much fun. There were fancy dressed doggies participating in a "musical chairs" challenge - for well behaved dogs only so we didn't enter Sally in. I don't want to post the picture I took of the events as I didn't ask for permission but I think there will be good photos from the Pittwater Council website.

Sally had fun too as proved by the photos. It's like a kid at a party, lots of treats, she sampled some IAM biscuits, oh not to mention the Doggylato!

The "after", on the way home...

We are now home, relaxed and Sally has crashed out on the floor... Fun time was had by all!

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