August 8, 2010


Finally I have something to write about... well that's not exactly true as I have been doing stuff in the last few weeks just not all fun crafty stuff and the time just flew by so quickly. Anyway so with hubby's business website revamped & launched (helped by a dear friend), his yellow pages ad submitted, June quarter BAS lodged, parents visited, kitchen is (almost) renovated, and my day job is back to normal pace, I am feeling more settled and decided to catch up on the blogging.

Boring stuff aside, I am proud to show off the third sock I have ever knitted (knooked)... TA DA!! I am very excited about this sock as it has turned out really nice - if I may say so myself (boasting is not in my nature but I can't help smiling when I look at it). I did fitting regularly so it fits well. I also studied "Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off" and followed the demonstration by Cat Bordhi. This is really a cool technique! I have just discovered Jeny's blog and I am going to add that on my reading list! Anyway, pressure is on for me to work on the second sock!

Something else I made in the past few weeks is this little bag with its own mobile phone compartment. It came from one of my mum's purchases in Japan. It is a kit so it came with everything you need. At first I thought it would be so easy and quick, perfect to spice up an uninspired Sunday afternoon but I must say I underestimated how hard it would be for someone can't ready Japanese. No pattern is provided as all the fabrics are already cut to size but there is a detailed instruction sheet (in Japanese) with what looks like hand drawn pictures. Cute. I followed the pictures but I am sure there were things lost in translation. Never mind, the bags turned out ok - not my best work but very useable for a little girl. So I will see if my mum has anyone in mind to give it to or there are plenty of little girls in our family and the circle of friends I can give it to.

On this note I am off to post my new sock on Raverly and then start on the second sock! Until next time...

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