June 12, 2010

Some new purchases

Morris and Sons have been on sale since the start of this month... I have been so good but I finally couldn't help myself and stopped by this week.

I was pretty restrained as I would have got a lot more stuff. I have been eyeing the knit pro interchangeable crochet hooks for some time now (ever since I discovered knooking) so with the sales, these hooks are 20% off! The Cleckheaton Country Silk 8 ply was a surprise buy as I wasn't intending to buy anymore yarn but they were such a great deal, how could I possibly leave them behind (I got a pack of them for less than $35!

So I am planning to learn how to make some socks. I am still too chicken to make a garment for human although I have been looking at some cute tunic tops on Ravelry, one day I will pluck up enough courage to make a top for myself.

Hopefully I have done more crafty things this weekend!

ps - the kitchen renovation started this week and I have been taking pictures but still deciding if I should blog as we go or when we finish so we have before and after shots (I will sleep on that one for now)

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