June 28, 2010

My mum went to Japan and she bought me....

My mum went to Hong Kong and did a side trip to Tokyo with my aunty in May so I took this opportunity to get her to check out the crafty stuff. Normally whenever mum goes to Hong Kong, she would get me some little things that she knew I would like or need. I went to visit mum last week (she lives in QLD) with just a carry-on bag and came back with a checked in luggage!

This time, she got me this from Japan

and this,

and this,
 I know this looks pregnant like but it isn't when it is on, quite nice with leggings and boots...

and these!
The amigurumi books are cutest! The shoes are god sent as my current ones are just about had it and being a size 5, there aren't many choices. The two kits are really for mum and a girl never has enough crochet hooks (I didn't have these sizes) and the bag is just something that came with a magazine.

and these are Hong Kong
I love the enviro bags and there are just so many more choices there! Some yarn shop had a sale on so mum picked these up for me - how does she know what I needed?

I am so lucky huh..... I can't wait to rip open the bag kits, make some pom poms and for warmer weather to come so I can wear them tops!

Until next time...

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