March 6, 2010

Yes, my name is Amanda and I am a fabric addict

Hobbysew has a sale on - I got a leaflet in the mail last week telling me so... need I say more?

So I casually took a short drive out to their Kings Park store and casually browsed around the entire store before stopping (& drooling over) the three sales tables in the middle of the store - you can't miss them... Anyway, an hour later, I came away with these fabrics and a small dent on the credit card... I thought I was being good as I set a time limit on the time I was in the store.

They are so pretty - how could anyone resist - plus they were on sale!

I really really need to use up the stash(es) before I allow myself to buy anymore...

Until next time, take care, stay away from any sort of craft shops and blog soon! xx

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