March 26, 2010

A new look!

Yay! I have successfully customised my blog to the way I wanted (for now anyway).

I have been wanting to make some changes to my blog for some time now but didn't know how. But this week, when I came across the Cursive Standard font, I decided that that's what my blog title should be and I had to do it this week!

Hmm... I have no programming background what so ever but I am fairly good at logic and together with having OCD, I gave google a good work out and finally got the hang of the CSS codes...

TA DAA! I am pretty happy with what I have done. Next I want to put cute images around, I will get there..

Until next time, take care and blog soon!

Grrr, what a bummer... it looks like I got excited too soon. The way I changed the font actually only works if the the computer is installed with the same font. So I can see it from my macbook at home but not my husband's pc etc. Back to the drawing board, though I have come across this really really cool website and great tutorial so I will give that a go:


  1. Looks like the new fonts are working. Fantastic!

  2. Yeah, thanks Yen. I followed the steps and it worked! Now I want to work out how to create an image for the blog header....